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Poster Presentation Information

Please download the PowerPoint document

Kindly email the completed Poster in PPT (Please use the above format) and sent to the conference secretariat before October 11th .

Poster Format Accepted Abstract

Oral Presentation Information

(Please refer to the above documents for presenter schedule)
Original: 7 minutes presentation time + 3 minutes discussion time
Case Report: 4 minutes presentation time + 2 minutes discussion time

  • We will open the light when the time is up.
  • Please arrive at the presentation room or speaker preparation room 2 hours before your presentation time.
  • We recommend you use Microsoft Office (PowerPoint) to make your presentation documents. The conference does not offer any other hardware that is not related to Microsoft product.
  • The computer we use at the conference may not support all types of video files. We recommend you use your spare time to test the video in the speaker preparation room.
  • If you wish to use computer sound during your presentation, please let the staffs know when you hand in your presentation.

Oral Presentation Schedule

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